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Fine Schedules and Rules

Here are all of the team fine schedules that are available for public viewing. Use them to get ideas for your own Kangaroo Court rules, create a schedule of your own, then share it! .

Aussie Rules - Western Districts B grade

Offence Amount
Giving a free away 0.5
Out on the full 1
Holding the ball 1
Public affection 2
Starting a fight 5
Running late for a game 5
Missing a game 5
P*** weak injuries 5
Giving a 50 away 50

Baseball - Wellington Sluggers

Wellington Sluggers fines for the season. We based ours on the list from - plus we added a few extras. We also have a tonne of other miscellaneous fines (for being an idiot, swearing at the coach, bad haircuts etc) that we just record as they happen as we like to add more information specific to the offense that took place. This list is just the regular fines that happen often.

Offence Amount
Striking out 0.5
Stepping on the Baseline 0.5
Not Hustling 0.5
Making first out at third base 1
Making last out at third base 1
Blowing a double play 1
Throwing ball wide of the baseman 1
Stepping on the Pitchers Mound 1
Working the count needlessly 1
Stealing unnecessarily 1
Swinging at a 3-0 pitch when we're way ahead 1
Bunting on a no-hitter 1
Turning up late to practice 1
Missing practice without a reason 1
Diving for a catch and dropping the ball (*Can be more if multiple base runners cross home) 1.5
Bunting in front of a power hitter 1.5
Striking out with 2 on 1.5
Saying the words 'No Hitter' 1.5
Turning up late to the game 1.5
Arguing with the umpire 2
Pulling bat back on a suicide squeeze 2
Missing a game without a reason 2
Being hungover at the game (*can be raised if it results in other fines) 2
Making a fuss about being subbed off 2.5
Turning up late to Court 3
Leaving rubbish after the game (*can be increased if the Captain has to be the one that cleans it up) 3

Baseball - 16U USAthletics Legault

List of Fines for the 2020 16U USAthletic Season. Additional offences and fines can be added per the Sheriff(s).

Offence Amount
Striking Out Looking 0.5
Stepping on the Baseline 0.5
Making first out at third base 1
Making last out at third base 1
Blowing a double play 1
Throwing ball wide of the baseman 1
Stepping on the Pitcher's Mound 1
Working the count needlessly 1
Stealing innecessarily 1
Swinging at a 3-0 pitch when we're way ahead 1
Bunting on a no-hitter 1
Late to practice 1
Missing practice without a reason 1
Diving for a catch and dropping the ball (*Can be more if multiple base runners cross home) 1.5
Bunting in front of power hitter 1.5
Striking out with 2 on 1.5
Saying the words "No Hitter" 1.5
Late to a game 1.5
Not Hustling 2
Arguing or bad mouthing the Umpire 2
Pulling bat back on a suicide squeeze 2
Missing a game without a reason 2
Making a fuss about being subbed off 2.5
Turning up late to Court 3
Leaving rubbish after the game (*can be increased if the Captain has to be the one that cleans up) 3
Negativity in the dugout (includes pouting and bad attitudes) 3
Poor sportsmanship to officals or opposing team 5

Basketball - EC Hoop Squad

Offence Amount
Jerrick Ejection 5

Basketball - Wallan Panthers 2018 Youth League

List of fines for the 2018 Wallan Panthers Youth League season. 4 Technical Fouls = 1 Game Suspension, Any subsequent technical fouls = 2 Game Suspension Double Pay on Away Games for all team members Double Pay for Captains, Taxi & Brad All Fines due on 2nd monday after the game/training.

Offence Amount
Late Per Minute (1 Hour 10 Mins Before Game) 1
Missed Fast Break Lay-up 2
Talk Back to Coach In Game 2
Using Phone During Team Meeting 5
Phone Alerts During Match Spread (Unless Urgent) 5
Media (Photo in Paper, Mention in Big V Article/Video) 5
Fail To Inform Coaches of Late or Absence To Training 5
Falcon 5
2 Games Foul Out 5
Dress Code (Polo, Hoodie, Slacks, Dress Shoes) 10
Playing Uniform Per Item (Shooter Top, Singlet, Shorts, Shoes) 10
Air Ball Free-Throw In Game 10
Technical Foul 50
Ejection 100

Basketball - Lakeside Lightning

This is the list of fines for the 2018 SBL season.

Offence Amount
First SBL game 2

Cornish hurling! - Opus Ultimate

List of fines for the Opus Ultimate Frisbee Team. Currently being refined. Each 1 point is equal to $1 which will be tallied up at the end of the season for food and drinks. If you are in the negative by the end of the season the points will be transferred to the next season.

Offence Amount
Go Fetch! Catching the disc in your mouth -5
Callahan -2
Playing Savage (ie; with no subs), -1 for each of the players -1
Bookends -1
Spicy Dish, An awesome throw with alot of sauce. -1
Layout D -0.5
Epic Layout or Sky (extra -0.5 if it's for a score) -0.5
Multiple D's in a possession -0.5
Block, footblock extra -0.5 -0.5
Fine(s) carried over from previous season(s) 0
Payment of fine(s) 0
Not bidding on a catchable disc 0.5
Undefended drop in the endzone 0.5
Losing track of player and having them score 0.5
Off target scoober, hammer or thumber 0.5
Bricked Pull 0.5
Pull that doesn't reach half way 0.5
Dropped Pull 0.5
Late for Game 0.5
Staying on for too long without subbing (dependant on amount of subs) 0.5
Not playing due to a very minor injury that could easily be played through(i.e; the Grant Taylor Fine) 0.5
Forgetting which way you're going 0.5
Trying to sub in the middle of a point 0.5
Calling poach or open then getting D'd. 1
Missing game without reasonable excuse or warning 1
Turnover when there was an open dump 1
Throwing a disc and getting Callahaned 2
Spirit foul 3

Cornish hurling! - Dynamo Dugout

Fines to be recorded and collected on an ongoing basis by the Sheriff Fines can be contested in Court by appeal to the Jury Jury consists of a rotating panel of three people with majority rules Unsuccessful appeals will result in fines (x2) All further disputes will be settled by VAR (MB) Fines can be amended/ added to by the Jury (again – majority rules) Positions rotate on a monthly basis VAR is also subject to fining All funds accumulated over the course of the window to be used for team refreshments at the end of said window/ start of the next R&Rs Sheriff to manage/ own fines list. He/ she also always sits on the Jury Jury to rule on appeals VAR to rule on any further disputes/ escalation

Offence Amount
Late to work in the morning 0.5
Late to Internal call/meeting 0.5
Failure to implement UEFA/Kia Guidelines 0.5
Spellers and Grammar 0.5
Using '&' in Docs 0.5
Full Stop/ Non Full Stop 0.5
Stakeholders on Emails 0.5
Internal Meeting Notes - Late 0.5
PeopleHR Faux Pas 0.5
Late to External call/meeting 1
Missed Internal Deadline 1
External Meeting Notes - Late 1
Missed External Deadline 3

Cricket - VUW Stubbies

The time-honoured Stubbies fines schedule - refined over 13 years of use! "At the end of the season we have a court session, where everyone has to repay their debt to society by drinking the equivalent of their total fines for the season. 1 fine usually equates to one cup of beer, however, any individual fines worth more than 1 are often liable for harsher forms of punishment, in the form of 'mystery spirit', which is usually provided by either the Sheriff or VC. There's usually some room for leniency/cruelty - depending on the nature of the offence, whether the accused has previously offended, how the rest of the team view the crime etc." These are just a few of many possible fines...

Offence Amount
Three wides in an over 0.5
Bowling a beamer that gets hit for 4 0.5
Bowling a beamer off the first ball of the spell 0.5
Poor bowling denying the team a wicket taken on a free hit 0.5
14-15 runs off an over 0.5
Poor strike rate 0.5
Consecutive dot balls (four or five) 0.5
Party to a maiden (non-striker) 0.5
Misfield that goes for 4 0.5
Overthrow that goes for 4 0.5
Missed catch/run-out/stumping 0.5
Losing the toss 0.5
16-19 runs off an over 1
Getting hit for a 6 resulting in the ball being lost 1
Getting hit for consecutive 6s 1
Bowling a beamer that gets hit for 6 1
Consecutive dot balls (six or seven) 1
Party to a maiden (striker) 1
Party to a wicket maiden (non-striker) 1
Party to a wicket maiden (not out striker) 1
Duck 1
Wrongly triggering someone (non-Sheriff fine) 1
Dropped catch 1
Being the Captain (on-field) 1
Being the Captain (off-field) 1
Being the VC 1
Being the Sheriff 1
Being a wog 1
Being the oldest in the team 1
Being the youngest in the team 1
Being the tallest in the team 1
Missing an official team event (as declared by the Captain) 1
20-29 runs off an over 1.5
Consecutive dot balls (eight to eleven) 1.5
Party to a wicket maiden (dismissed batsman) 1.5
Golden duck 1.5
30-36 runs off an over 2
Diamond duck 2
Royal golden duck 2
37+ runs off an over, thereby exceeding the theoretical maximum (the ’02 Rule’) 2.5
Royal diamond duck 2.5
Assault on an Officer of the Court at the Courtie (the ‘Juan Rule’) 2.5
Non-cricket fine (non-Sheriff fine) 2.5

Cricket - Norths Centurions

This is an example fine schedule for the Norths Centurions. For our end-of-season court session, each player has to contribute $15 for food/booze. They also have to donate their fine money to the team's chosen charity, where 1 fine = $1. E.g. If Jeff has 10 fines, he has to pay $25 ($15 for the court session, and $10 donation). Failure to show up or pay up results in additional fines for the next season....

Offence Amount
(Batting) Poor strike rate - less than 100% after facing 5 or more balls 0.5
(Batting) Facing 4 dot balls in a row 0.5
(Bowling) Bowling 3 wides in an over 0.5
(Bowling) Bowling a beamer and getting hit for 4 0.5
(Fielding) Misfield that goes for 4 0.5
(Bowling) Getting hit for 14 or more off an over 0.5
(Fielding) Not sledging at all when the batsman deservces a bit of stick 0.5
(Bowling) Getting hit for 16 or more off an over 1
(Batting) Duck 1
(Batting) Facing a solo maiden (*can be worth more if it's at a crucial point in the game) 1
(Bowling) Getting hit for 6, resulting in the ball being lost 1
(Bowling) Getting hit for consecutive 6s 1
(Bowling) Bowling a no-ball beamer that goes for 6 1
(Off-field) Missing a required after-match function E.g. Casino night 1
(Fielding) Overly aggressive sledging and getting told off 1
(Fielding) Dropping a catch 1.5
(Batting) Golden duck 1.5
(Umpiring) Wrongly triggering someone when umpiring (*can be 'reviewed' at Court Session) 1.5
(Batting) Facing 8 or more dot balls in a row 1.5
(Bowling) Getting hit for more than 20 off an over 1.5
(Fielding) Dropping a catch (after already dropping another previously) 1.5
(Batting) Diamond duck - Getting runout without facing a ball 2
(Batting) Royal golden duck 2
(Batting) Royal diamond duck! 2.5

Cricket - Manifold heights CC 1st

Fines for the 1st, 2nds and the 3rds

Offence Amount
Wide/No ball 1
Picture in the paper (per cm) 1
Miss Feilds 1
Highest Score 2
Lowest Score 2
S*** shot 2
Best Figures 2
Worst Figures 2
Dropped Catch 2
Bye 2
Doing F*** All 2
Public Affection 2
Incorrect Uniform 2
Name in the Paper 2
Being Late 2
Stupid S*** 2
Duck 5
Dropped Catch Off Bowling 5
Facebook Love 5
Golden Duck 10
Diamond Duck 10

Cricket - Rotorua Central Cricket - Reserves

fines for the central cricket club reserves team 2016/2017

Offence Amount
Dropped Catch 1
Mis-field that causes a boundary 1
Poor throw to the Keeper 1
Going for more than 14 in an over 1
Getting hit for consecutive boundaries 1
More than 3 wides in an over 1
Duck 1
Run Out 1
Blocking out a maiden 1
Watching a maiden from the Non-Strikers End 1
Top Score 1
Lowest Score 1
Incorrect Uniform 1
Forgetting your gear 1
Being a t***** (Captain) 1
Using a First Name 1
Name in the Paper 1
Photo in the Paper (per cm) 1
Audible Sledge that gets rebuffed 1
Not sledging when its clearly warranted 1
Giving your mate out LBW/Run Out 1
Golden Duck 2
Running your mate out 2
Watching a wicket maiden from the Non Strikers End 2

Cricket - Clarence District Cricket Club

Tomorrow we look forward to the new sheriff in town. All fines must be paid before ball 1 from last week no excuses, failure to do so it's automatically doubled. Tomorrow expect sore cheeks and lips! Sam Rainbird you still owe the group so a bag of lollies post game is required.

Offence Amount
Late per minute 1
Loss in ⚽️ Soccer 1
Clumsy error 1
Non curcuit 1
Borrowing gear 1
First out in headies 1
Wrong apparel per item 2
1st out in headers 2
No shower 2
Public Affection 2
Giving Donuts 2
Drinking in spikes 2

Cricket - Team Boon

Team Boon fines list 2019/20

Offence Amount
Late to Game 1
Uniform 1
Etiquette 1
Dirty Daryl Tuffey 1
Batting 1
Mighty Ducks 1
Picket Fence 1
Ben Patton 1
Lance Cairns 1
Batting Milestone 1
Dan Vettori 1
Chris Harris 1
Shane Watson 1
Phil Mckay 1
Martin Guptill 1
Ross Taylor 1
Trippling 1
Picket Fence 1
Bowling Milestone 1
Andrew Fergus 1
Jonny Direen 1
Chris Cairns 1
Roy Rogers 1
Steve Smith 1
The Rigger 1
The Big Show 1
Dissent 1
Mockers 1
Non congratulations 1
Assuming the role 1
Fine if week 1
Miscellaneous 1
Skippers Choice 2
Finemasters choice 2

Golf - FLOG

FLOG 2014 Fines

Offence Amount
In correct sign off to emails 1
Fine Master Abuse 1

Golf - Liverpool 2020

Fines for the Liverpool/Preston trip 2020

Offence Amount
Being a c*** 1
S****** (left in bunker) 1
Missed green par 3 1
Club abuse 1
Water 💦 1
4 putt 1
Lost ball 1
Bunker to bunker 1
Arguing fine 1
SF missed par 3 2
Railway 2
Under 10 points 5

Hockey - Somerville Div 2 Gals

Offence Amount
Losing stick on field 1
Not coming to the game 1
Not coming to training 1
Green card 1
Arguing with the ref 1
Scoring own goal 2
Missing an open goal 2
Yellow card 2
Yellow card 2
Red card 3

Hockey - MCC MPD

MCC MPD Hockey fines for on and off field behaviour. All proceeds go to end of season event

Offence Amount
Miss training 1
Green card 2
Intercept Pass leading to goal 2
Miss open goal 2
Not in change rooms 45min before game 2
Windy 2
Not joining Kangaroo Court (weekly) 2
Missing team dinner (notice) 2
Chatting in wrong group 2
Not passing to open player with better shot on goal 2
Falling over on the field 2
Stupid Forward Passes 3
Green Card for back chat 4
Wrong Kit on colour clash 5
Late - Not dressed/ready 30 min before game 5
Mention "Perth" 5
Miss Stroke 5
Miss open winning goal 5
Mention "Softball" 5
Getting injured during game 5
Scoring a goal for another Senior Team 5
Missing team dinner (no notice) 5
Yellow Card 10
Missing Kit (Forgot Jersey/shorts) 10
Late - Miss Warm up 10
Not available for a game 10
Missing team dinner (late withdrawal) 10
Forget Stick 20
Late - Miss Start of Game 20
Have decision reversed against us 20
Lose Stick 30
Red card 50

Hockey - BOPISC

The is a list of fines for QBT 2018.

Offence Amount
Missing an open goal 2
Rocking up late 2
Missing a team talk etc 2
Miscellaneous 2 2
Incorrect kit 2
Arguing with the ref 3
Miscellaneous 3 3
Miscellaneous 4 4
Missed a stroke 5
Miscellaneous 5 5
Green Card 6
Yellow Card 10
Red Card 20

Hockey - USPHC Men 2

Usphc men 2 fines for the 2018/19 season

Offence Amount
Mom vote -0.5
Late - arriving after scheduled meet time 0.5
Dropped stick 0.5
Fallen over dramatically 0.5
Squarial 0.5
Reversial 0.5
Acting like a spoilt teen princess 0.5
Dod vote 0.5
Missed training with no excuse 0.5
Not joining kangaroo court 0.5
Late - Missing the warm up 1
Arguing with the umpire 1
Arguing with a team mate 1
Mutiny - arguing with the current captain 1
Defecting to another team 1
Forgetting your kit (per item) 1
Not owning/ordering kit (per item) 1
Angry/grumpy rant 1
Give away a short 1
Trying an impossible pass 1
Green card 2
Late - arriving after pushback 2
Yellow card 5
Red card 10

Ice hockey - Sting 17/18

Late for training/ game

Offence Amount
Late 1
Missing equipment 10

Other - A Very Storky Stag

List of fines for the very Storky Stag

Offence Amount
Porky misbooking flight 1

Other - HCM Division

This is the fine schedule for September 2016

Offence Amount
emailing before 7am 1
emailing after 7 pm - per day not occurance 1
Texting after 7 pm 1
Texting before 7 am 1
Texting over a weekend 1
emailing over weekend 1

Other - Ecreo

Offence Amount
Ikke meldt afbud / sen ankomst senest kl. 9 1
Ikke faglig snak i #general (undtaget i tråde) 1
Glemt at vende brik 1
Glemt at låse døren ved fyraften 1

Other - BergenBK Elite Team

Offence Amount
Komme sent til trening 10

Other - Facebook Game Club

The Kangaroo Court takes place on the Saturday evening and is organised to punish all involved for errors or mistakes on or off the field. It dually acts as a means to drink as much piss as possible in a short amount of time. Each club or tour has its own variations of the rules of Kangaroo Court, however to ensure order as well as swift and harsh justice for the Facebook Game Club the following procedure is suggested (all those in favour say “Aye”): The Short Explanation: The accused will: choose his own representation; face “The Prosecutor”; be judged by his peers; and ultimately either walk away unpunished or pay the penalty invoked by “The Judges”.

Offence Amount
Disturbing the Court 2
Being a P**** 3
Inadequate Dress Code 5
Violent Conduct 7
D****** the boys 7

Other - Dodgers

Dodgers Fines

Offence Amount
Penalty back chat 5
not reacting to game in chat 5
hungover at game 5
Game missed - valid reason 10
subbed off 10
forget jersey 10
late to game 10
least tries 10
last to score first try 10
f****** up a try 10
ging for incercept/glory play and failing/conceding try 10
sin binned 15
Game missed - no reason 20
sent off 20

Other - Seneschalstown GAA

The idea of the fine system for the year is for the team to take greater responsibility for their actions during the season. We need a complete buy in from the team in order for it to work, that means once it starts you are responsible for your own actions and must agree to adhere to the system and the punishments!

Offence Amount
Outstanding Performance (Training or Match) -1
Forgetting gear at matches (Foam Roller, Boots, Shorts, Socks, Gloves on wet day) 1
Taking a jersey home, not putting jersey back in the gear bag or returning it inside out after a match 1
Not listening to managers instructions 1
Back chat to ref (yellow for dissent or ball brought forward) 1
Negativity in training or match 1
Phone in dressing room before match (Music excluded) 1
Late to training/Late to match 1.5
Not doing your extra bits - Gym, runs etc. 2
Missed Training - no valid excuse, weak excuse, less than 24 hrs notice to management 2
Red Card 2
Your jersey being found on the dressing room floor 2
Lotto not paid (going back to club development) 2
On the beer close to a match 3
Sheriff Corruption 3
Not bringing the correct amount of cash to court date 5
Emergency Fine (Management Request) 5

Rugby union - Pally Pigs Rugby Union Club

The Pally Pigs are true believers of piglets needing a firm hand in discipline. As part of this we have maintained our longstanding tradition of fines (both monetary and alcoholic). This is how we (and you) keep track of your fines and your games played this season. Stay on the right side of the Fine Master and you'll be ok. The wrong side will see you lighter in the pocket, cloudier in the head and booking an appointment and the inaugural Kangaroo Court at the end of season.

Offence Amount
Not wearing team uniform as requested 5
Incorrect game day uniform (jersey, shorts, socks) 5
Phone ringing during fines sessions or rousing speeches 5
Drinking beer in boots 5
Talking during fines sessions 5
Failure to respond to games by Friday 5
Not drinking out of team mug 5
Saturday night is Lotto Night! 10

Rugby union - Melbourne Unicorns

Fines for the Melbourne Rugby 2017 court session

Offence Amount
Dropped the ball 1
Turning up late to game 1
Wrong uniform on game day (socks, Jersey ) 1
Arguing with the ref 1
S*** pass 1
Yellow card 1

Rugby union - #caneseffect

The Canes are true believers in having a firm hand in discipline. As part of this we have introduced this season a fines tracking system. Not only will this improve our discipline to therefore performance on the pitch, but setting a platform for behavior off it. This is how we (and you) will keep track of your fines. A fines report will be generated and shared on a monthly basis, failure to settle these fines as advised will have repercussions. All fine money generated will be going into team social events and a planned end of season tour. Stay on the right side of the Fine Master' and you'll be ok, the wrong side will see you lighter in the pocket! WDYP4 #caneseffect

Offence Amount
Coaching juniors team Friday morning -50
Not joining planned social, with public video apology (with reason) 0
Not joining away game bus trip with valid excuse (public video apology must be given) 10
Late for game giving suitable notice 20
Yellow card 20
Not wearing correct stash before away game 20
Not wearing correct stash post game 20
Not wearing in season kit on game day 20
Late for away game trip bus 20
Making a fuss about being subbed off 20
P****** on the pitch 20
Not giving reason/notice for not joining away game trip bus 50
Late for game without giving suitable notice, and/or without a justified reason 50
Red card 50
Not joining planned social without giving notice/video apology 50
Not settling fines on time 50
Vomiting on the pitch 50
Knocking the ball on within either of the 5m line 50
Wearing football attire 50
Forgetting boots for a game 100
Not following description of fancy dress 100

Soccer - Waterside Karori Boomers

Boomers Fines 2015

Offence Amount
For being a loser 1

Soccer - AYSC U14 Boys

List of fines for the AYSC U14B Indoor/Outdoor Season

Offence Amount
Arrived Late to Practice/Game 1
Talking During Pre-Match and Half-Time Team Talks 1
No Availability Updates in TeamSnap 1
Absent at Game/Practice w/o valid comment 2
First Red Card Fine 2
No Alternate Kit For Game 2
Player Discipline Fee 3
Not Wearing Proper Team Gear (Practice/Game/Socials) 3
Absent at Team Socials w/o valid comment 4
Second Red Card Fine 5
Violent Conduct 10
Referee/Team Official Verbal Abuse 15

Soccer - CMC Vicrtory Glory Roar Fury FC

These are all the fines you can get done for

Offence Amount
On field minor 1
Forgotten kit 1
On field major 2

Soccer - Halswell United 1st Class

In order to promote team culture and personal assessments the Ministry of Discipline Dept (M.O.D.D) has adopted the following actions and misdemeanors to 'fineable'. RESPECT.

Offence Amount
Scoring a goal -2
Great save -2
Missing training with notification 1
Foul Throw 1
Easy Miss 1
Being off-side 1
Late 1
Forgetting... 1
Game Malfunction 1
Not attending team functions 1
Because... 1
Own Goal 2
Missing training with no notification 2
Draw 2
Inner Team Confrontation 2
Loss 5

Soccer - Brockworth AFC 2nds

Fines list for bafc seconds.

Offence Amount
Turning up to game hungover 1
Gimp of the game to be chosen by players 1
Not paying subs on game day 1
Arguing with ref during game 2
Anyone booked (yellow card) 5
Anyone sent off 10
Not training 20
Match day (late) 20
Not showering after game 20
Forgetting kit( shin pads, boots) 20
Whole team to pay if we lose by two goals or more 50

Soccer - Bristol & West LFC

Fines for members of Bristol & West LFC season '17-'18

Offence Amount
Late for training 0.5
Not responding to doodle poll 0.5
Not helping with the nets 0.5
Dirty boots 0.5
Late on a match day 1
Not wearing team tracksuit to matches 1

Soccer - Strokers 2019

Strokers 2019 Fines

Offence Amount
Red card 20

Soccer - Berwick Churches Soccer Club

This is the list of fines for the Berwick Churches Soccer Club (Premier League and Reserves) for 2019. If you believe an offence should carry a fine, please let Daniel Prins know. Fines can be disputed and sent to the Leadership Group for review, but if the fine is upheld, the amount of the fine will be doubled.

Offence Amount
Yellow card 1
Missing a sitter 1
Nutmegged at training 1
Keepers falling over 1
Missing training with c*** excuse 1
Being late for training 1
Foul throw 1
Nutmegs in game 1
Wrong uniform to games 1
Swearing 1
Red card 2
Own goal 2
Post a stupid photo on social media 2
Missing games with c*** excuse 2
Being late for a game 2
Fake injuries 2
More than one Facebook or Instagram account 2

Soccer - Old Melburnians SC

2019 Fine System

Offence Amount
- Scoring a Goal -10
- Assist -5
- Great Save -5
Draw 2
Late (1 - 9 mins) 5
Loss 5
Arguing with Referee 5
Nutmegged 5
Argument with Opponent 5
Really Easy Miss 10
Late (10 - 29 mins) 10
Team Withdrawal (Day Before) 10
Foul Throw 10
Yellow Card 10
Mid-Match Argument with Team Mate 10
Taking Team Kit Home 10
Incorrect Gear / Colour 10
Speaking During Team Talk 10
Against Team Spirit Action 10
Arguing Against Fine 10
General Fineworthy Event 10
Girlfriend Hug / Kiss / Chat Before Full Time 10
Own Goal 10
Penalty Miss 10
Late (30 mins +) 20
Team Withdrawal (Match Day) 30
Red Card 30

Soccer - Ball green bulldogs

Fine list 19/20

Offence Amount
Late 1
Conceded 1
P***** 3

Soccer - Beragh Swifts Fc

Offence Amount
Clean Sheet -2
Missing club gear 1
Foul throw 1
Nutmeg in warmup / game 1
Pulling a Chris 1
Not texting gaffer if you can't train 2
Late to match day < 10 mins 2
Forgotten kit 2
Yellow cards 2
Feagy saying Guys in a team talk 2
Beat by more than 2.5 goals 2
Late to match day > 10 mins 3
Givin away a pen 3
Yellow cards for non takles 3
Missing both training sessions 3
Own Goal 5
Missed pen 5
Red Card 5
Drinking the night before game 5
Red cards non tackles 10

Softball - Blackhawks

This is the list of fines for the Blackhawks Wednesday night team. All fines are at the discretion of the sheriffs and the judge. Fines that are disputed will go to Court. Fines that are not overturned will be doubled. Video evidence will be utilized at all games. Fines will be used for an end of season BBQ and/or equipment for the following season.

Offence Amount
Walk Off Grand Slam -2
Making Spectacular Catch/Play -1
Hitting a Grand Slam -1
Walk Off Hit/Walk -1
Strike Out Player Looking -1
Picking Off Runner at First (Catcher) -1
Double Play Unassisted -1
Outfield Assist at Home Play -1
Diving Catch (Needed to Dive) -1
Strike Out Player Swinging -0.5
Outfield Assist -0.5
Backing up Play, preventing extra base -0.25
Leaving Runners on Base 0.1
Fielder's Choice 0.25
Not covering the base 0.25
Striking Out - Nobody On Base 0.5
Over/Under Throwing the Pitcher 0.5
Not On Deck 0.5
Error on Routine Grounder (Including throws) 0.5
Dropping a Double Play Ball at 2nd 0.5
Making an Error, Even if Scorekeeper Doesn't Recognize It 0.5
Popping Out Foul 0.5
Dropped Catch 0.5
Dropping a Throw at 1st Base 1
Striking Out - RISP 1
Striking Out for 3rd Out 1
Dropping a Routing Fly Ball 1
Missing the Cutoff Man on Routine Hit (Unless on line to Base) 1
Bad Throw to Base Resulting in Extra Base for Runner 1
Not Hustling out of the Box 1
Arguing with a Call (Besides Manager) 1
Misplayed ball in outfield that leads to home run / extra bases 1
Complaining about being Subbed for a Runner 1
Running Mistake Turns into Out 1
Not Sliding into 2nd and Called Out 1
Trying to Stretch a Hit and being Called Out 1
Not Calling the Ball 1
Not Running Out a Hit/Pop Fly 1
Called Out at 1st Because you Didn't Run Through Base 1
Hitting Into Double Play 1
Not Wearing a Blackhawks Shirt 1
Showing up Late to Game 2
Complaining About Lineup or Position 2
Striking Out - Bases Loaded 2
Striking Out to End the Game 2
Picked Off at 1st Base 2
Strike Out Looking 2
Missing a Game with No Reason 2
Making First/Last Out at 3B 2
Calling the Ball and Dropping It 2
Running Through a Stop Sign and Being Called Out 2
Giving up on a Play 3
Leaving Tying/Winning RISP to End Game 3
Damaging Equipment (Bats, etc.) 3
Making 3rd Out B/C not aware of Outs 3
Talking Smack/Fighting with Opponents 5

Softball - Legends Div 3 (White)

This is the list or fines for Legends White 2019/2020

Offence Amount
Dropped Catch 1
Running through a base 1
Late to Training 1
Failed to steal on order 1
Late to Match 2
Steal out after no go order 2

Volleyball - Cardiff University Volleyball Club

This is the list of fines for the purchase of a plastic item while representing the CUVC during the 2019/20 season

Offence Amount
Plastic Item 0.5

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