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Getting started

In order to get started and manage your team fines on The Kangaroo Court, there are a number of steps to follow. Note: If you just want to join an existing team and don't want to create your own, please ask the administrator/Captain/Sheriff of that team to send you an invitation. That way you can follow the link in the email and you'll automatically be joined onto the team. You'll still need to register with the site, but won't need to go through any of steps 2 - 7 below.

  1. Register with the site.
  2. Add your team. You can do this by going to the My Teams page and adding your team.
  3. Add players to your team by clicking on the Players link for your team on the My Teams page.
  4. Add a season for your team. You can do this by going to the My Teams page, selecting the Seasons link for your team, then adding a season. E.g. 'Summer 2012', '2012/2013'.
  5. Add your first game for the season. You can do this by going to the Seasons page for your team, selecting the View Games link for your season, and adding a game.
  6. Add fines! You can do this by going to the games page as above, selecting the Fines link for your chosen game, then adding a fine.
  7. Invite your team mates so they can see their fines. You can do this by going to the Players page for your team, then clicking the Send invitations button. Note that you need to make sure you've entered an email address for each of the players whom you want to invite. Each player you select will then be sent an invitation email, and if they follow the link in it, they can register and join your team with no further work required from you. Note that you can resend invitations as many times as you like, just in case your players accidentally delete the email before joining.


As mentioned in the Getting Started section above, you may have arrived here because you received an invitation email from someone else on your team. If this is the case, simply follow the link in that email to complete the registration process. If you'd already registered prior to receiving an invitation email, you can always just click on the link in the email and sign in using your existing account.

If you don't have an existing team and are here because you want to create your own team, Register to create your account. From there you can then create your own team and start adding fines!


You can add as many teams as you like. Many users only have one, however, if you're on multiple teams with fines systems of their own, you can add each of them on the My Teams page. This allows you to track each team's players and fines independently.

You can edit your team, however, be wary about deleting your team once created, as any player/season/game/fine data will also be deleted and you won't be able to get it back.

Some team admins like to be able to hide fines from their team members during the season, and then reveal them at the end. If this sounds like you, tick the 'hide fines from team members' box when editing your team. This will prevent players being able to see fines, and also disable email notifications when they receive a fine. You can easily turn it on/off whenever you like once the team is setup.


You can add/edit/remove players for your team by clicking on the Players link for your team on the My Teams page.

If you've created a team and have players who you'd like to be able to edit game/fine data etc ('Deputy Sheriffs'), you can edit that player's record and tick the 'Can edit fines' box. This means that when they visit The Kangaroo Court, they'll have the same editing rights for that team as you do.

If a player is no longer on the team, you can set their status to not be active by unticking the checkbox when editing the player record. That way, you can see their fines for previous seasons, but not have to see them in the dropdown list when you add fines in future. You can always make them active again later if they rejoin the team...

If you'd like to allow your players to view their fines online, you can send them an invitation by click on the 'Invite players' button on the Players page for your team. Make sure you enter an email address for them first though.


Each team can have multiple seasons. This makes it easier to track games and fines, and means you can generate stats such as how many games each team member played for a given season, who was fined the most/least etc. You can edit seasons once you've created them, but as with your teams, be wary about deleting a season once created, as any game/fine data will also be deleted.


For each game you play, you can add it to The Kangaroo Court by going to the Seasons page for your team, then clicking the Add game button for your chosen season.

For each game, you need to enter the date it was played, and the venue. You can also record who played, so that we can calculate statistics such as average player fines per game. Note that the list of players you can record as having played only includes players on your team that are currently active. If you don't see a player in the list, you can always go back and edit their player record as active then come back and mark them as having played. You can also go and add new players and then mark them as having played retrospectively.

Adding Fines

The part you've been waiting for! There are two types of fines:

  • Those that are for a specific game E.g. dropping a catch during the game, and
  • Those which are for other offences either off the field (aKa "off-field" fines), or not specific to a game E.g. Not turning up to training, doing something embarrassing the night before the game, etc...

To add a fine for a specific game, go the the Games page for your chosen team/season, then click the Add fine link for the game you'd like to add fines for. You can also view existing fines for a game, either by clicking the Fines button for a game, or by going to the Fines report page and viewing fines that way.

To add any other fines that aren't for a specific game, simply go to the Seasons page for your team, then click the Add fine button for your chosen Season and enter the fine details as usual (you'll need to enter the date on which the offence occurred too). To view all of the fines, including those for games, go to the Fines Report page, which you can get to by going to the Seasons page, and clicking the Fines report button for your chosen season.

A fine is for a specific player. When adding a fine, you can choose from all active players on your team. To record who played in a game, go to the Edit game page for that game, and use the check boxes to select all of your players. You can also record game attendance using the pop-up menu on the Add fine page - just click on the link on that page.

When it comes to entering details of the offence which led to the fine, you can enter both a reason for the fine, and also an amount. Usually you'd agree early on how much a given offence should be fined (with the help of a fine schedule, and try to be consistent throughout the season. However, the choice is entirely yours, and if you feel one of your players deserves to be punished, feel free to up the fine! You can also enter a particular sentence if you wish to (e.g. "Must clean changing rooms" ), however, this field is entirely optional, as often the sentence is not decided until the court session.

Fines Schedules

Fine schedules allow you to record common offences (e.g. dropped catches) along with their corresponding fine amounts (e.g. 1). You can then refer to the fines schedule throughout the season to make sure that your fines are consistent. If you often need to add fines for the same offences (e.g. dropped catches) and want to make sure that the fine is the same everytime, then they could definitely help you.

Once you've logged on, just click on the Fine schedule button on the My Teams page, and you'll be able to create/edit your very own schedule. You can also view other teams' fine schedules on the Fines Schedules page, which can help if you need ideas for fines.

Viewing Fines

There are multiple ways to view fines:

  • To view your ten most recent fines, simply go to your Dashboard. You can also share your fines with others here.
  • To view all fines for a specific game, go to the Games page, select the game, then click the Fines button for your chosen game.
  • To view all fines for a given season, including those that aren't specific to any game, use the Fines Report. There are links to this on both your Team page, and also Seasons page.

Rewarding good behaviour?

Usually this style of justice system only records bad behaviour, however, you can also record good behaviour or 'mitigating circumstances' if you so wish. To do this, simple enter the details in the Offence field, and then enter a negative value in the Fine field. E.g. If your player has done something extraordinary and they deserve one less fine, you could enter -1 in the Fine field. Note that this will be reflected in the graphs on the Fines Report page

Payments (and repaying fines)

On most teams, players repay their fines (and 'debt to society') at the end-of-season Court Session. However, on other teams, players can repay their fines during (or at the end of) the season (usually in $$). If your team needs to record player payments to offset accumulated fines, you can do so by going to the Payments page from your chosen Season's page. You'll need to edit your team and tick the "record player payments" box first too.

An added benefit of recording payments is that you can see each player's outstanding balance/credit on your Season stats page, and see who needs to pay up!

Anything else we can help with?

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