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Case-Dawg - all shared fines

Here are all of the fines that have been shared by Case-Dawg of the VUW Stubbies.

Venue Offence Fine Sentence
Mon, 27 Jan 2014 For being a ***) 1
Mon, 24 Dec 2012 In Caseys Cafe on Courtney Place after a booze session, you grabbed reubs shirt and ripped it off on the front taking all the buttons off, all while laughing hysterically. This may have been after the tray full of shots session at St Johns.) 5 Buying Roobs a new buttonless blue Hawaian shirt. Mandatory attendance at the Stubbies end-of-season court-session.

If a fine doesn't appear in this list, it's because none of the players on the team — VUW Stubbies — have chosen to share it with others. (Some fines are best kept within the team!)