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Fines Report

The all important fines report! Once you've played a few games, check out the graphs showing each player's 'contribution' over the season.
You can also organise/group fines either by player, or by game (useful for printing in preparation for the end of season court session!). When you print the page, each section will be expanded so that all fines are visible.

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Saturday, October 29, 2022 at Test 16

Player Offence Fine Sentence Actions
Ash Piercycost Missing training (Dice) 2 Death
Ash Piercycost More than 2 beers Friday 5
Ash Piercycost Family at fines (per member) 2
Ash Piercycost Family at fines (per member) 2
James Pentecost Yellow card (Public apology too) 5